Aging by Design

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Aging by Design

Undefined by past generations

What we know about this aging population in the U.S. is that there is more that they want to do with their life as they age. There was a time, where the natural next step was to retire after a productive life in the workforce, now older adults are seeking greater fulfillment in balancing personal aspirations along with continuing to add to the economy. Redrawing long held notions of the workforce, education, technology and innovation are going to be key and are unfolding as we speak, we need to be ready with open arms to receive newly designed framing around what aging means, one thing is for sure, both young and old working together will be an ongoing scenario for us all to look forward to.

Living with a chronic condition

The aging population is reframing how we think about life after 50. How older adults are aging is rapidly changing from what it used to be. On average we are aging better, although three out of four seniors are living with chronic conditions and three out of every five with multiple chronic conditions. So we have to be mindful that as people age they are enabled to live out their best lives with an accessible support structure around them.


This presents a multiplicity of opportunities to businesses and we are seeing companies who are ahead of the curve and actively addressing these new found opportunities; such as BestBuy with Great Call and connected health in-home services or Lyft and Uber with age-friendly ride services readily available to help caregivers with transportation needs. Philips and Nestlé have also re-shifted their businesses to take advantage of these very opportunities  presented by the aging population. Its also not just about institutions changing, but democratizing these opportunities, figuring out ways that we can ensure that people in zip codes across town  have the same opportunities to those of us who are fortunate enough do

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