Human Experience Management Platform

Consumer Society’s HX Management Platform (HXMP) moves the goal line on SAAS investment, incorporating the core systems needed to manage your company's back-end infrastructure, power your digital experience, and integrate the consumer facing platforms used by your associates to deliver an experience that is built with interoperability at its core.


Deliver an Experience that counts

Stuck in a time warp

When it comes to consumer experiences, most companies are still using stone age practices.  Stuck on legacy platforms that are outdated, unnecessarily complex, written in proprietary languages that make it virtually impossible to integrate or generate consumable data.

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technology with interoperability

Multi-Dimensional & Cross-channel

HXMP offers multi-dimensional view of the customer

from any channel, providing complete visibility into interactions, past, present and into the FUTURE.  Move from a fragmented view and clunky experience to engage consumers in a more fluid, personalized and seamless way.

Complete view of the consumer

Designed to work with all business applications and integrated with all your data sources.  Stitching together the complete view of the consumer, their behavior, preferences, engagement, digital literacy and affinity towards your company.... just to name a few of the features.


Engagement nirvana

HXMP provides companies a way to more easily engage and present offerings, choices and recommendations based upon your consumer's personalized and contextualized dynamic profile.


Intelligent and valuable

HXMP is built with AI and ML at its core, with a foundational data model architecture enabling complex decisioning analytics. Creating a highly intelligent consumer experience with minimal effort.