We are a consumer experience driven technology company. Consumer Society advances the human experience through design, decisioning analytics, technology and modern service practices.

We are seasoned consumer experience professionals who, as practitioners, have delivered consumer designed products, services, and experiences in our respective industries.


Its not our first rodeo, we get experience design and delivery.

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Challenging the norm

Going beyond expectations

When we look at the future, we go bold, go places not yet chartered or even imagined. We bring a combination of design thinking, agile development and lean start-up methods to our work, and our approach allows organizations to accelerate their CX transformation with visible results and a clear return on investment.

We work from the consumer back and re-imagine existing and new businesses centered squarely on the consumer.

At heart, we are consumer activists with experience design expertise embedded into our technology, decisioning analytics and service practices

We position our clients to compete and differentiate on experience and garner passionate loyalty from their customers.


The combination of data science, artificial intelligence and human-centered design helps us to uncover the behaviors of customers and their motivations.

Our solutions are centered on interrogating the consumer experience and then architecting and building the solution.

We design for people, not inanimate objects.

We begin and end with the human experience.