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Experience Design

We create experiences that matter. Not driven by a single design discipline, we use a combination of design thinking, lean-six sigma, agile development and lean innovation methods, our approach helps accelerate companies across all industries to kick-start their CX transformation efforts and yield a high return on consumer happiness and investment.

It’s been over 20 years that the term "Experience Economy" was first coined in a 1998 article by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, highlighting our move from the farming, manufacturing and service economy to the experience economy, and yet industries still struggle to meet consumer's accelerating experience expectations.



Consumer Back

Migrating from a commoditized, undifferentiated interaction to the one that is memorable, relational and differentiated.


Design Thinking

The inner workings of design thinking leverages deep empathy putting customers at the core of the problem-solving equation

Experience Design - XD Approach

Art & Science

Balanced approach on framing and solving consumer problems

Going beyond Products

Resonating with emotion

Internal Wiring

How complex will it get

Rapid Experimentation

Testing your assumptions

Start with small bets

CX Roadmap & Priorities

Resonating with emotion

Minimum Viable Experiences

Value 10x

We helps clients create exponential value for the long-term. 

Pushing past incremental solutions or current state constraints and create a vision of the future, reflecting evolving consumer preferences, desires and unmet needs

Our design research looks at both data and qualitative experiences, we begin with deep customer empathy, observing consumer behaviors and patterns and then pair up with market and operational data to identify opportunities that will have the greatest impact

We evaluate the value proposition and look for opportunities that create an emotional connection with consumers that extends beyond functional products, to those that cause stickiness and evoke and emotional reaction from consumers. We seek to strike a balance with utility and experiences that elicits true joy from consumers.

Depending on the complexity of the experience, an inventory of existing technology, processes, KPIs, workflows, dependencies, data models and configurations are evaluated against future vision.

All ideas are tested and validated with consumers through rapid experimentation using prototypes, pilots and experiments. Most organizations want to know what works for consumers by spending the least amount of money and in the shortest possible time, test & do’s are the quickest way to reach these objectives.

Since we have a bias for action, we help to break up the vision into MVEs and work within an agile format, involving sprint-cycles with sprint teams.

We breakdown the future state into doable activities, timeboxed against budget and company growth strategy

Design with confidence

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