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Modern Service Design


Move Through Messy

Today’s consumer is empowered to take action and engage with your products and service on their terms. Often times organizations think about service as an afterthought or even an avoidable cost. Consumer who engage with these companies have a sub-par experience and develop no brand loyalty.  They endure the experience, but only to accomplish their transactional needs.  

In a digitally saturated experience, companies risk undervaluing the significance of a human interaction.  Companies that elegantly blend the digital and human experience stand out from their competition and have passionately loyal customers. 

We create the stage for people and companies to create their own narrative. We choreograph each interaction, frame each contact, design each touchpoint and connect each person to personalized and compassionate help.

Deep customer empathy

walk a mile in my shoes

We seamlessly bring together the physical, digital and spatial modules to create fluid and purposeful settings that invite new ways to engage and experience your consumers. 

We create service design blueprints to lay the foundation of the service model and create workflow integration, knowledge management, AI and robotic process automation for repetitive tasks and processes.


Average time Americans are spending on the internet and their phones

According to a study by Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Research when a call is made:

89% Dealt with self-service sites that couldn't answer their question

90% of consumers are placed on hold for a long time 

89% 89% repeated their issue multiple times to multiple representatives

"Consumer service expectations are rising faster than companies are willing to adapt."

Accenture Global Research Report: Customer 2020: Are you Future-Ready or Reliving the Past?

An Upgrade for Any Dish

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Modern Service Design

MSD- Approach


Consumers want fast, accurate and reliable answers. More and more people are turning to their phone to get the answers they seek or help they need. However, there is still a population where making a call is their first step, and avoid digital experiences.  This is true for the senior Baby Boomer population, who can be lost in the sprint to digitization. 


With the rapid changes in technology and consumer behaviors, companies are finding that they are ill-equipped and highly challenged in serving today's non-stop customer.  Many companies are failing to provide First-Contact Resolution and losing long time customer's to competitors that are at the forefront of Service Digitization.  


Non-stop Consumers do not have the   time or patience to wait

Our approach helps positions clients for elevated, connected and modern service for today's empowered consumers.

Small is big

The finer details of service

Consumer Society works at the intersection of design, digital, analytics and strategy to bring the modern service experience together. We pay attention to the small details of service and unify all aspects to deliver the journey. From the engineering of interactions, to the choreography of the human service experience enabled by digital technology, we integrate workflow and decisioning analytics to deliver the business strategy and desired outcomes. We uncover unmet consumer needs, their desire to get questions answered, help completing tasks (assisted and unassisted) with simplified, congenial and connected service.

We focus the organization to “fix it before it breaks” to deliver service proactively, not just waiting for a customer to initiate a call. Initially, we conduct a thorough data analysis of all call and digital data, operational data, customer VOC  and financial data. We then leverage the analytics to build and experience anticipating the customer's intent and providing a personalized experience through all channels.

By understanding historical call data, caller intent  and seasonal impacts to your business, companies can  begin to devise a service model to predictively plan and support service their delivery. We design the best service model with a mix of insource and outsourced resources, while not compromising the service experience. Whether individual, team based, local or assigned to customer accounts we can help organizations plan the most efficient and cost effective staffing model.

Cross-channel interactions are the norm, and consumers expect simple, personalized and connected experience consistently across all channels. Meeting consumers where they are, in the channel of their choice and serving up relevant and meaningful content is essential regardless of whether the consumer is engaged digitally or with your employees. Exceptional service is channel agnostic and can take the form of digital, voice, in-home, branded spaces or even increasingly through IoT technology.   Our expertise and collaborations span these channels and enable us to assist clients with creating distinct experiences.

Delivering experiences once the strategy and service model is sketched,  we survey the solution architecture, tech stack and foundational data models to deliver the experience. We pair the human experience with cutting edge technology to enable memorable interactions across your channels.  Driving brand loyalty at every touchpoint. Quality controls are built throughout the platform along with closed loop feedback mechanisms to capture VOC data that is actionable across your company.

Associates who serve on the frontline have deep understanding of consumer friction points and unmet consumer needs - we help companies tap into this wealth of knowledge by including them on sprint teams to co-create solutions with consumers.  In addition, we work with your CX teams to bring a culture of deep empathy for your customers and your associates.  We help with the change management needed to empower your employees to design optimal workflow, create incentives based on meeting customer needs, improve quality standards, refine processes, build knowledge management, and refine service design blueprints as the consumer experience evolves.  

Fix it before it breaks

Proactive & predictive service delivery

Digital, CCAAS, Voice, IoT and Analog In-person experience

Cross-channel engagement

Planning your human capital ahead of time

Workforce Management 

Scalable operations

Integrated into workflow, process and associate activities

Integrated into workflow, process and associate activities

The empowered agent









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