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Decisioning Analytics & Measurement

Transform data into actionable insight to help shape your future. Analytics are critical to make quick decisions to accelerate change and progress.

Move past traditional measures and find for new ways to embed CX measures to track your customer's experiences.  Capture consumer effort, engagement, and measures of consumer choice and behavior.  This gives robust insight and currency into the consumer’s actual experience and eventually generating additional wallet share and brand loyalty.


High velocity


We use data science, analytics, AI and technology to understand large amounts of data and make fast, efficient decisions that support your strategic goals. 

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Analytics & Design


Good decisioning informs good business and consumer experience design. It is essential to

operationalize & embed analytics  when designing your consumer products and experiences.

Just like a house has a foundation, your data model is the foundation from which your business operates and customer experiences are maximized.

Decisioning Analytics & Measurement - DAM Approach

Measurable Value

Any CX effort should be quantifiable and have measurable value and impact.

Translating into the business

CX measurement can be broken down into:






All CX initiative’s ROI impacting  


Turning data into customer action

CX Measurement Principles

Different ways to measure and track Customer Experience

Impact needs to be experienced by the end consumer and must be quantified by the organization.  Companies can make the costly mistake of being focused inside/out instead of outside/in, focusing on internal metrics that have no alignment with your consumer's needs. Organizations tend to fall in love with vanity metrics addressing a short-term or symptomatic problem. Our research and experience shows when organizations work in the interest of the consumer both thrive.  By working consumer back, processes and waste are identified which allows resources to be redirected to a streamlined experience that reduces cost-to-serve, improves NPS and other customer loyalty/satisfaction metrics, and employee engagement and satisfaction. 

While NPS is difficult to monetize, when working back from the consumer’s improved experience, the value of the CX work can be measured by observing the changed consumer behavior.  For example, CX initiatives that improve the call experience will reduce average handle time, and decrease repeat calls.  These measurable operational metrics can be translated into financial savings for reduced FTE needs.  Initiatives impacting associate engagement can be measured in increased associate "presenteeism."  The key is identifying consumer metrics, baseline against current state, and plan for measuring impact across the CX initiatives, and embedding measurement in everything the CX initiative influences. 

Most traditional CX measurement stops at NPS and common VOC measures (e.g. customer satisfaction) and tend to be poorly socialized across the enterprise.  Companies are swimming in numerous data sets, but do not have the necessary integration to leverage it or the technological platforms to drive insights.  New cloud-based data models will empower the enterprise to move from accumulator of data to powerfully synthesizing real time data analysis to help solve key consumer Jobs to be Done (JTBD) or Decisions to be Made (DTBM).  This revolution in data democratization accelerates corporate decisioning, and enables the empowerment of your frontline associates that are your main touchpoint with your consumers.  

Whatever measures chosen, we work with you to ensure:

  • Integrated: CX measures stand side by side with other business KPIs.  Measurement is integrated into your platforms and systems to capture consumer sentiment, and moves beyond the urge to survey endlessly, which have very low response rates.

  • Continuous: CX measures are not discussed annually, but are part of ongoing operational reviews.

  • Consistent:  Measures across functions can be compared relatively, while capturing absolute deltas within functions to highlight CX impacts.

  • Impactful:  Building a CX culture requires CX metrics embedded from the Board room to the front line.  Business performance is easily understood day to day, and not buried in a report that only high-level leaders see quarterly.  The enterprise knows the voice of the customer through CX measures at any point in time.

Discerning "noise" from "signal"

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