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Consumer Society HX Bootcamp

HX Bootcamp is ideal for individuals and teams working in the HX space that need an infusion of focused strategy, grit and seasoned HX intelligence from some of the best practitioners in the industry. This bespoke program is precisely calibrated to meet the needs of the individuals or teams.  Upon graduating from our HX Bootcamp you and your teams will be more astute and confident about your HX purpose and pursuits, and will leave you with seasoned actionable strategies for your return the organization. You will  hit the ground running and move your organization towards greater excellence in the HX space.


What the Future!

Do you need a shared vision and future state for everyone to rally behind, but do not want to take months getting to it.

HX Bootcamp will plan, prepare and deliver according to your unique needs while bringing agile teams together.

The following modules can be included in the agenda:

  • Unpacking the strategy

  • Designing rigorous experiments to obtain deep, meaningful and actionable insights

  • Agile sprint planning rigor

  • Learning agenda and why you must fail fast and often 

  • The skill of listening with deep empathy

  • Walking in the consumers shoes 

  • Seeing a problem vs solving a problem while framing a problem from the consumer back

  • Using qualitative and quantitative research 

  • Understanding the size and severity of consumer friction

  • Reading the tea leaves: looking at operational, financial and VOC data

  • Developing cultural hustle muscle - how to get important stuff done right, quickly and operate as one team 

  • How to design and deliver outstanding consumer experiences

  • Actionable road-map with prioritized initiatives

  • Use case design

  • Storyboarding and narratives

A multi-day workshop allows cross-functional teams of all levels to focus on customers. The Bootcamp brings UX designers, developers, marketers, researchers, product developers, operations, sales, data scientists and HX professionals together to activate insights and accelerate their HX efforts.

Deep customer empathy + jobs-to-be-done + rapid experimentation +  decisions-to-be-made + operational and VOC analytics.

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