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Venture Design

Setting up an Accelerator

Mission Impossible

Our approach to venture design, setting up an accelerator or CX Lab is to always work back from the consumer problem you are trying to solve. Scale and scope will differ according to goals, whether beginning from scratch to launch a new experience or accelerating existing initiatives using a dynamic approach. Informed by nimbleness, creativity, and rapid iteration, we engage with clients that are smart and who understand that new ventures rarely look like the first design. Rigid adherence to original ideas will limit the accelerated growth potential of your new organization. Whether organized as a separate entity or part of a corporate structure, constraints of time, money and buy-in will be consistent challenge to address.  

Need to turn your future into reality, but not sure how to pull all the pieces together? Budget looks set, but teams have yet to be solidified and pulled together for a shared vision.

Itching to move quickly despite complexity?

Yep. We definitely get you

Venture Design



The traditional approach and planning will not work. Where cross-functional teams routinely come together en masse, ensuring broad representation​, labor painstakingly over power-point slides and attend circular meetings with no sound decision or agreed upon outcomes in sight.


and yet...

The power of a cross-function team with strong decisioning rights is needed along, powered by bright minds, collaborating to think through what's critical and drive forward as a one team with consumer validated design and empowered delivery practices.



We have set up and run industry recognized accelerators

We are no stranger to what is needed in setting up a new venture or accelerator. We go beyond the manual, as we are practitioners  with demonstrated outcomes.

Resourcing & team design

Pulling together an army of problem solvers

Consumer Society embeds our designers, technologists, and execution strategists with your teams.  Co-location allows teams to collaborate side by side to rapidly iterate on the venture design, strengthening team cohesion, speed to market and eliminating all of those wasted meetings. We help establish the routines, sprints and cultural behaviors critical to the venture and accelerator.

We work closely with your leadership team to define roles, identify hidden talent, and bring together the cross-functional teams that will execute your venture's vision. The resource model can vary according to organization readiness and objectives. We challenge long-held beliefs of specific "job-centered" roles and what constitutes "qualified" talent  We find those closest to the work often intuitively understand the gaps in the current customer experience. We help you unleash the hidden talent that will become the future leaders of your start-up.

Whether starting a new product within an enterprise or launching a startup, securing funding is the first success measure.  Consumer Society guides your team through accelerated MVP sprints, allowing the teams to deploy their newly learned skills and rally around a shared vision. 

Consumer engagement and business value are our driving force.  Success requires teams to be nimble, iterate when the consumer testing demands, and leverage analytics and team momentum to expand your products.  Consumer Society supports your team through these challenges and equips them to lead the enterprise change management. 

Consumer Society equips the agile teams to be self-organizing and self-sufficient, while providing support and training throughout the engagement 

We empower clients from concept through launch.

Co-location & work practices 

Geared up for success

Working to win

Fueling up

Doing your due diligence

Scrappy not crappy

Sustainable innovation

Hands-on training & support


Thomas Watson Jr.


"Good design is good business."

Get smart

Albert Einstein


"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Above & Beyond

Richard Branson


"When people are placed in positions slightly above what they expect, they are apt to excel.

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