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"The Experience Economy" - Joe and Geeta

Recently Geeta Wilson, Founder and CEO, Consumer Society, sat down and had a conversation with author Joe Pine Cofounder, Strategic Horizons LLP. They discussed the re-release of his (and his partner’s James H. Gilmore) best-selling book The Experience Economy: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money.

This six-part conversation covers topics such as The Currency of Experience Management, The Four Realms of Experience, The Original Sin, Accelerating Consumerism within Healthcare…a subject near and dear to Geeta. It was refreshing to spend time with Joe and experience his passion, energy, and vision. His work has influenced the thinking of so many practitioners and corporate brands…us included.

In this first module, listen to why Experience Makers are saying “Thank you for giving me the vocabulary and a working framework” and how some twenty years later their work is still so revolutionary.

Enjoy module one and let us know how your Experience Making efforts are going.

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